Chris Nawojczyk: Yoga, Fitness & Plant-Based Athlete

Yogi, Athlete, Plant-Based Pioneer

Chris Nawojczyk doing yoga cobra pose in red bikini and sports bra.
Chris Nawojczyk doing yoga cobra pose in red bikini and sports bra.

Fitnesszyk is the brand of my dedicated fitness, yoga and plant-based wellness journey. I approach health and wellbeing from a holistic and authentic method, based on intuitive knowledge and ancient wisdom. I study the latest scientific research in exercise biochemistry, mind-body interaction and evidence-based nutrition, to apply exceptional approaches for ideal outcomes. I have been a vegan for over two years now, with much experimentation along the way. I also practice a disciplined routine of yoga, pole fitness, running, swimming, and other rigorous workouts using weights.

I feel the need to share everything I do in my fitness and wellness lifestyle on this blog. As I learn more about the numerous benefits of a plant-based diet, and the biological effects of exercise, yoga and meditation, and stress reduction, I apply the wisdom in my own life—and rave about it on here.

Aside from social media, which can be more of a hinderance when sharing yourself fully, this is my space. I own it. No one is going to take down my photos or censor my posts due to community standards or algorithm changes. I run this hub.

I spend six years in the US Marine Corps as both enlisted and commissioned officer. I’ve endured some of the most challenging physical fitness programs in the world. When I got back from Iraq in 2009 I started a more plant-based diet and began meditating, which also lead to yoga. My consciousness was expanded to new heights as I realized my potential to go further in the realms of health wellbeing.

Behind the Name

Fitnesszyk is a brandname with multiple expressive meanings. Fitness implies the quality of being physically fluid, versatile and strong, as well as having the mental willpower to improve your life by adapting and overcoming challenges. This attribute is innate in the individual and is harnessed by desire. ‘Zyk’ has an ancient sound and is the last three letters of my surname. To me this sound embodies love, sensuality, fertility and victory. The name also symoolizes rising up, increasing, and advancing the beautiful human spirit to excel in life. Further, Fitnesszyk describes my passion for whole body wellness in two words. It represents physical, mental and spiritual health through union of body, mind and spirit. Overall, Flexible Venus encompasses the bold, intrinsic nature of the human being.

I have a reputation for being courageous and bold in my authentic, unbridled self. I have personal standards and virtues that I live by. Compromise is not an option because I strive to be awesome. I love taking care of my mind, body and spirit as one whole. I cherish the science of plant-based eating because it results in a highly functioning organism due to giving the body fuel it needs. I love to workout, do yoga, meditate, drink green tea (or yerba mate), swim, and go for hikes because movement is medicine.

Courageously Going After Goals

My Enthusiasm

I enjoy blogging about my journey as well as my research in the realms of plant-based nutrition, exercise, and biological enhancement. I am an entrepreneur at heart, a web developer, and one who like to create. Building this virtual online site to share my thoughts, photos, videos, etc. enables me to express myself to the world more fully. I value authenticity, and being true to one’s self.

We need more people in this day and age to come forth as the bold and beautiful soul they are, and stop following the crowds of mindless eating and idle lives. There’s a lot more to live for once you get out of a rut. Once you tap deep within yourself through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindful eating, you realize the wellspring of life that is your birthright. It surges you forth with passion for each new day and every new breath, making you grateful for this magnificent gift of consciousness.

Ultimately, your knowledge and wisdom blossoms into tangible application, healing your thoughts and biology from your work, bringing you back to remember the reason why you are here. Your volition to seek out new opportunities and relationships, causes you to experience the world around you more fully, leading you finally to the present moment.

~ Sat Nam

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